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Carmine Flowers

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Carmine Flowers

49.90 €
Haz que la alegría de la primavera dure todo el año! Con nuestras CARMINE FLOWERS le darás un toque muy original y chic a cualquier espacio. Flores en formato Maxi, con acabados realistas y colores vibrantes. Simplemente espectaculares! Son la última tendencia para decorar desde habitaciones de bebé como la tuya propia!. Se verán impresionantes en tu sala, cocina o hall. Cualquier pared donde las pongas florecerá!


Medidas: 250 x 250 cm (Tamaño total con relación a imagen.) 3 flores de: 50 x 50 cm, 3 Flores de: 28 x 28 cm, 3 Flores de: 19 x 19 cm, 2 Ramas de: 30 x 30 cm, 4 Ramas de: 20 x 20 cm (Estas medidas coresponden al vinilo de tamaño más grande)

■ En tonos carmine, rosa y verde
■ Todos los elementos vienen por separado, podrás adaptar este vinilo decorativo a cualquier espacio
■ Fácil de pegar y despegar, no deja marcas
■ Se puede colocar los elementos uno sobre otro para crear la composición que quieras!

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49.90 €



¡Dale vida a cualquier espacio con nuestros increibles Vinilos MAXI FLOWERS! Siéntete en primavera todo el año! ¡Nuestras Flores en formato Maxi son espectaculares!, con acabado estilo acuarela, desde pasteles a tono vibrantes harán florecer cualquier Pared! Todos los elementos vienen por separado, así que podrás crear la composición que desees adaptándola a cualquier lugar. Perfectos para salas, cocinas, recibidores, habitaciones, como también para uso comercial para tiendas, restaurantes y hoteles.

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Before placing the vinyl decals please consider the layout that you want to create, you can follow our proposal, but you also can change it adapting it to your available space. Make small guides over the wall if you require it. The vinyl decal may be placed over any flat surface, and if you like it you can place it over walls, windows, mirrors, furniture, refrigerators, etc.

WITH TRANSFER: These ones come with a transparent transporting tape, special for complex designs.

Cut the different figures that you want to separate. You must cut only the figure AREA in order to separate it from the others. DON'T cut following the exact border shape. With the help of a ruler, flatten the vinyl decal in both directions for a better transfer adherence. Separate the transfer and the vinyl decal from the back white sheet. Carefully, all the figure parts must stick to the transfer.
Carefully place the vinyl along with the transfer on the wall. With the help of a ruler, flatten the vinyl for a better wall adherence. From the top corner begin to carefully take the transfer off by pressing your hands over the wall.

WITHOUT TRANSFER: When the element is a simple figure or lines only


Peel off element from the back white sheet. Stick it carefully on the wall. In case that your model comes with lines, you can place them straight or you can create curves, in the latter you can shape it as you go placing it on the wall.


How to install a decorative vinyl decal


Shipping is free when orders exceed 80,00€ for deliveries in a country of the European Union. For orders lower than this amount, the shipping costs are equal to 9,90€.

For all others country delivery cost is 19,00€ for all orders.

Our delivery times for Europe (peninsula)  are 5 business days and 7 business days for the rest of the world.

We remind you that it is very important that you learn about customs proceedings in free taxes zones. MYVINILO® will be not held responsible for any custom expenses generated during product imports.

Once your order has been processed, you will get a confirmation email where a delivery tracking number is specified, and you should be able to track it on SEUR's website:

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Our vinyl decals come in separate elements so you can always make your own design and adapt it to your desired dimensions.

We use Professional quality Vinyl.

-Our decals are fully removable.
-We use matte vinyl so all our decals look just like they are painted on your wall.
- Mirror image is possible. Just say it when you are ordering. (If you are interested in mirror images, this is possible! Just say it when you are ordering).

They are easy to apply! Our decals come with transfer paper, and application instructions. Just peel the backing away and place the decals where you want them. Smooth them and peel away the transfer paper… voila! A great transformation for any room!

Decals may be applied to hard, clean, smooth and dry surfaces. They are removable but not reusable! Please use caution (be cautious) when removing decals. Depending on the age or condition of the painted surface underneath, some touch ups may be necessary.